May 11, 2012
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Music Education Benefits: Support for Art Programs in Schools

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Music is among humanity’s oldest traditions, and continues to grow and change in the modern age. Music has a way of providing comfort and empowering people at the same time. Music also gives people an outlet, a way to express themselves.
Learning new music has several benefits. It increases alpha levels in the brain, increases oxygen and blood flow, and inspires emotion, which boosts short- and long-term memory. Music elements come together like a mathematical equation. It has been proven that those who are good at music also excel at math.
Listening to music can trigger the release of endorphins, producing a more relaxed state that promotes faster learning. Studies have shown that learning music makes learning other subjects easier as well. For instance, learning how to play an instrument in an orchestra or read a school sheet music in your school choir helps improve spatial-temporal reasoning.
A lot of people get their first introductions to singing music in some sort of choir, whether it be in church or school. They learn that each individual is important in the sound of the whole. This has a way of building bonds and really bringing people together, as they feel their importance within the bigger group. Choral music can help bridge the gaps between different cultures and ethnicities because it is so universal. It helps bring people from different backgrounds and walks of life together to serve a common goal, which definitely helps with your people skills.
Music education is important and many music programs are getting cut in schools. Luckily, you can still support your child’s music ambitions outside of school. You can let them perform in school musicals or pay for private vocal lessons. But the question still remains, is that enough? How is cutting these programs affecting our youth? Knowing the importance of music in our lives and communities inspires us to stand up and support the funding of these many performing arts and music programs.
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