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Passion for Music & The Arts

I come from a musical family with many members playing three instruments each, many of us taking part in musical theater & competitive choirs. You can read some of my theater reviews here. At a very young age, I aspired to be a singer/songwriter with strong skills in lyrical composition. I moved on to get my A.A. in Music Tech and Master’s in Music Business from Berklee.

I have experience working as a Marketing Director/Consultant for two online music aggregators (i.e. Octiive and Revelator) and a marketing automation specialist for a major publisher as well as had internships and freelance work for several indie labels and music media companies. I want to continue to grow my skills in music supervision, production and composition.

People are not one-dimensional & having a curious mind is a strength, because then our perspective is not limited by one lens. My goal is to challenge music professionals & artists to move away from an overly saturated formula for success. By looking beyond what’s lost to mainstream & finding ways to keep musical variety relevant for new audiences, I bridge the gap for artists seeking to find their lane of authentic expression while maintaining marketability & developing into the artists they aspire to become. There’s always a niche. I am inspired by those who continue to follow their dreams in the face of adversity.

Marketing & Business Consultant Expertise

With more than 15 years of experience in marketing, data analysis, operations, product and project management, I’m adept at bringing multi-faceted projects to fruition — or in case of scrum, increasing value overtime with product increments — and running successful multi-channel campaigns.

I’ve worked with companies across the board but primarily in tech/SaaS, entertainment, education, & real estate.

I look for positions that are both challenging and rewarding, allowing me to utilize my skills in the best way possible for those whom I serve. I’m a fast learner, always looking to grow both my creative and technical skills. In addition, I’m self-motivated, punctual, adaptable, reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, and a team player. I’m used to working in fast-paced environments that require good communication and analytical problem solving skills, attention to detail, & the ability to multi-task.

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Affiliated Organizations & Associations

I am honored to say that I am part of the following:

California Copyright Conference MemberWomen’s Audio Mission MemberGrammyU Member at The Recording AcademyNashville Songwriters Association International – LA Chapter Member
Editorial Freelancers Association MemberAmerican Association of Independent Music (A2IM) MemberLadies Who Geek MemberSheSaidSo Member
Sync Community MemberAssociation of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) MemberProduction Music Association memberSociety of Composers and Lyricists Member
Guild of Music Supervisors MemberAcademy of Scoring Arts MemberCinematic Composing MemberProduce Like a Pro Member
Women in CTRL MemberWomen in Music Member


Life is too short to not be passionate about the work you do 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, and roughly 1,920 hours out of the year. I believe one can still enjoy what they do while making a living. I also believe in work-life balance. In my 20s, I used to write on my “Social Bug” blog, being inspired more about city-life and the many activites, events and opportunities one has to engage in their off-time. Now, living in Idaho, I truly feel a sense of balance and peace, but I still love to travel and expand my experiences.

My drive, work ethic, and forward thinking mentality are brought to the table in all that I do. No matter how much seniority one has, every opinion should be valued and there should be a mutual respect. Fresh ideas may be just what your organization needs to stay ahead of the game and avoid group think, and they can come from all levels within a company.

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