Mar 2, 2012
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Los Angeles, CA Yelp Event – All the Fly Hunnies

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Yelp events have become very popular, as a way to meet and mingle with others who have similar interests in your area. “All The Fly Hunnies” was a free food, fashion, and beauty event put on by a local Los Angeles Yelp Community Manager, Katie B., as part of gaining awareness for local Silver Lake businesses.

In support of their efforts, Surviving L.A. on a Budget staff writer, Golda Criddle, and myself headed out to Silver Lake Boulevard on Thursday evening to partake in the event. Stepping into the Bee Free Boutique, we headed to the L&E Oyster Bar supplied hors d’ouevres table where we sampled what appeared to be these tasty little hush puppies. Girls’ night out could not officially start without a drink in our hands, so we let The Swizzlemixologist, Stacy Nikkila, make us the signature drink of the evening. We arrived at the table, just in time, to try the last of the Bee’s Ankles, which was a simple but surprisingly lovely shakened cocktail with G’Vine gin, Esprit de June liqueur, honey, and lemon juice.

After glancing over possible fashion purchases, many discounted for that evening, we headed upstairs to see several girls getting beautified with quick haircuts and eyebrow waxes. Golda and myself sat down to get a cut and style tips from celebrity hair stylist Martine LeBlanc of GoodForm Salon. Her intuition and artistic eye for matching looks with our personalities, goals, and lifestyles was “spot on” and she left a favorable lasting impression with her personable demeanor. Isabele, from Stark Waxing Studio, did eyebrow consultation and waxing for Golda. There was a demand for Isabele’s services as the line for consultation got longer. 

I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out on the final highlight of the evening, so I went downstairs to meet with psychic, Jusstine Kenzer, for a free psychic reading. Each attendee was only allowed one question to ask and questions had to be kept to present state occurrences and events. Although, I felt that my personal reading was not highly beneficial, Jusstine definitely has a good sense of people’s energy vibes, provided by tone of voice and mannerisms. Of course, I am always the skeptic.

Our host was extremely welcoming and coordinated a very successful “girls’ night out” event. Stop by the Bee Free Boutique, when you get a chance, and let Angie know I referred you. Thanks for a lovely evening, ladies, and see you at the next Yelp Community Event. 

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